Cutting the Deck!

Cutting out a deck by hand takes patience, precision, and a passion to spend that much time just to get one deck. Whatever method, one slip up and you need to order replacement cards! This is definitely a trial and error process. Last weekend I cut my first deck with a laser cutter. Pretty cool…


Numbered Sabacc Cards

We just received our first print of the Padawan Learner’s deck featuring numbered cards for easier value recognition.   We have a Sabacc card promo in the works. In the meantime here’s a video featuring the new cards.


Sabacc Variety

Interested in your own custom deck of Sabacc cards? We recently made up cards for a Star Wars Costuming Club. Basically we took a Club Logo and put it over a basic Corellian Spike -esque design. Which ones are your favorite? Feel free to contact me at kep [at] furocious [dot] com if you would…


Premium Sabacc Deck

To pick up a print-on-demand deck stop by our shop at https://www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/furocious   Here’s our custom deck of cards from our favorite game played in a Galaxy Far Far Away! Our Sabacc Card List: Three Suits (1-10) consisting of Triangles, Squares, and Circles. Four Sylops (0 aka idiot). Only two cards are official, the two…


Holographic Sabacc

Here’s  a  quick  look  at  our  new  cards  hot  off the press! [ Furocious MPC Store ]


Sabacc (Proof) Cards

We have the first set of cards printed. I’ve made a few tweaks since I ordered these, including a slight adjustment to the boarder, plus I added some classic face cards. After playing a game with these, I have to say I like them much better than the branded cards that come in the Star…


Sabacc Anyone?

Happy Star Wars Day! The latest project we’ve been working on is a deck of Sabacc Cards for our game nights. There are several card projects that have never gotten off the ground because there hasn’t been a cost effective way to get them going. If the proof for this card set is acceptable other…

One of a kind reprint

After hours staring at a screen until my eyes hurt day after day I gave up and did a one-of-a-kind photo reprint of John Wesley’s 1st edition book. This is for my final line-by-line comparison of the original and the text for the second edition and the limited leather edition. This book has to be…

The little/big things that make it better

I am diligently working on the limited leather edition of John Wesley’s The Book of Common Prayer. The initial project was streamlined for digital use. That was a big job, and now that it’s done I can go back in and add some of the finesse of the original. Drop caps aren’t practical for digital books…



The production website for johnwesleyprayer.com has been up for a while now. There is a temporary link on the menu bar on this site for those who may have wandered here looking for the book. Of course the site looks very similar to this one…I want people to realize it’s all part of what I do…