Behind the scenes I’m still writing, and writing, and writing some more. Lately I’ve been writing code. So that is a ton of work way behind the scenes.

It’s been almost a year since I last posted. The theme on my website is about 3 years outdated so I’ve been working to find a new theme. Ever notice that an artist is concerned with his own website last…crazy because you would think that an artist’s website is like their business calling card. It should be nice new and shiny. That’s hardly ever the case unless the artist is primarily a web designer. A plumber works on everyone else’s pipes, but theirs are always leaky. A roofer I know that has a leaky roof at their place of business. An electrician? Cobbled wires that someday will get an upgrade. Hopefully before the house burns down.

famous meme originally by KC Green – The Gunshow Comic

Code, code, code…and more code.

I’ve been working on an ebook that has a huge index system with thousands of links. It’s the number one seller of all time if that gives you a hint. Such a great seller that it isn’t even listed anymore, it’s just accepted and disregarded. It is such a huge book (66 books in one with references to every chapter and verse and back) that no one will index it. They just won’t. It’s too easy to come up with a work around. For the common person it makes it impractical to use an ebook version. Anyway, everyone has a fancy coded app for that. Some third world places it is illegal to have such a fancy app on their phone, in fact it is a capital crime. So I’ve decided to take on the project. I’m making the full book in one self contained independent document…sort of, it’s complicated. One continuous document of that size would never load in a device. More like 2 thousand pages with even more thousands of links. All this available without an internet connection. 100 years from now some pastor will be grateful.

Once the index is done, then comes the work of adding all the text. The cool thing is the index is universal. Text in any language can be applied. Since I know koine Greek, I’ll probably start with that. Greek geek glee. The results will be made available soon. Hopefully by the close of the year.

Ever notice that Psalm 119 is really really long? Here’s the solution I’ve been working on:

Wow, if you have read this blog down to this point, I’m impressed. You like code? Most people find it boring.

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