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Adding in Drop Caps

I am diligently working on the limited leather edition of John Wesley’s The Book of Common Prayer. The initial project was streamlined for digital use. That was a big job, and now that it’s done I can go back in and add some of the finesse of the original.

Drop caps aren’t practical for digital books (or web pages) so I compromised and opted for Bold cap initials. This still provided a visual cue for readers without changing the flow of text. For the leather edition it’s those Big letters that add those little touches that will bring out the classic flavour of the original publication.

sample vignette
Special Publication Vignette


Another special touch I’m working on is adding vignettes (border decorations and images). It is sad that we’ve sterilized our modern academic books. Those books that aren’t plain and have a more upbeat appeal end up looking like a magazine or a webpage.


More samples are to come as this project goes forward.





John Wesley’s Tracts on Prayer Preface


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