Here is the latest project in development from furocious studios


These new cards will soon to be available to help you prepare your credits for your big Sabacc game.

Build the Bank

“How many credits do you have to bring to the Sabacc table? Get a job! Run missions and BUILD THE BANK. Did you go bust? Run some more missions. Compete for ASSETS which help you earn even more credits on missions. Bring your assets to the table and RISK it all! This is a Star Wars FAN MADE (not official) game based on your favorite Galaxy from A Long Time Ago and Far Far Away. For RULES and info on how to play BUILD THE BANK visit furocious-studios[dot]com. (Credits, dice, and Sabacc sold separately).”

We have test played this game on a Sabacc night and never actually got to playing Sabacc we were having so much fun competing for the best assets.

We will come out with Rules and a Video to demonstrate the basic flow of the game…as soon as I get the proof print of the game.

Also in development is an expansion.

Here’s our prototype card design. We are working on mission scenarios that add more RISK to mission outcomes.


Edit: Added poster

Coming: Pictures of the actual cards