So sorry, I’m coding

Is this my annual post? I’ve published some private books for discipleship lately. And I’ve done a lot of coding. I finished the Bible index for eReaders and I’ve started adding text for a Greek Bible and another Bible version that I use every day and want available without relying on a heavily scripted Bible…

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Still writing – everything is fine

Behind the scenes I’m still writing, and writing, and writing some more. Lately I’ve been writing code. So that is a ton of work way behind the scenes. It’s been almost a year since I last posted. The theme on my website is about 3 years outdated so I’ve been working to find a new…



Here is the latest project in development from furocious studios™ BUILD THE BANK or just BANK Find them now at our [ MakePlayingCards Store ] These new cards are now available to help you prepare your credits for your big Sabacc game. “How many credits do you have to bring to the Sabacc table? Get…


Furocious Sabacc

NOW AVAILABLE! Here is a quick video featuring my latest card design You can now order your own deck at the Furocious MPC store. The cards are print to order so please allow a couple weeks for production. https://www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/furocious


The latest work from Furocious Studios

Currently I am working on a couple books. Writing, writing, and more writing. I am also setting things up for several other projects. Some wood working. Some more adventures with Sabacc. Hopefully my potter’s wheel will be set up soon and I can start cranking out some fantastic drink-ware. My pilgrimage from early years was…


Cutting the Deck!

Cutting out a deck by hand takes patience, precision, and a passion to spend that much time just to get one deck. Whatever method, one slip up and you need to order replacement cards! This is definitely a trial and error process. Last weekend I cut my first deck with a laser cutter. Pretty cool…


Numbered Sabacc Cards

We just received our first print of the Padawan Learner’s deck featuring numbered cards for easier value recognition.   We have a Sabacc card promo in the works. In the meantime here’s a video featuring the new cards.


Sabacc Variety

Interested in your own custom deck of Sabacc cards? We recently made up cards for a Star Wars Costuming Club. Basically we took a Club Logo and put it over a basic Corellian Spike -esque design. Which ones are your favorite? Feel free to contact me at kep [at] furocious [dot] com if you would…


Premium Sabacc Deck

To pick up a print-on-demand deck stop by our shop at https://www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/furocious   Here’s our custom deck of cards from our favorite game played in a Galaxy Far Far Away! Our Sabacc Card List: Three Suits (1-10) consisting of Triangles, Squares, and Circles. Four Sylops (0 aka idiot). Only two cards are official, the two…


Holographic Sabacc

Here’s  a  quick  look  at  our  new  cards  hot  off the press! [ Furocious MPC Store ]