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Wolf Tile Mosaic

I’ve just about got the tiles ready for assembly!   This post is a follow up and goes back to this post

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Crafted Wolf

Just before the Covid-19 “Stay at Home” order I started on a tile mosaic for the furniture factory where I am employed. The parameters are to use samples of wood finishes they currently offer to make a mosaic of a wolf. Today I was able to get busy laying out some of the tiles I…


Sabacc Anyone?

Happy Star Wars Day! The latest project we’ve been working on is a deck of Sabacc Cards for our game nights. There are several card projects that have never gotten off the ground because there hasn’t been a cost effective way to get them going. If the proof for this card set is acceptable other…

One of a kind reprint

After hours staring at a screen until my eyes hurt day after day I gave up and did a one-of-a-kind photo reprint of John Wesley’s 1st edition book. This is for my final line-by-line comparison of the original and the text for the second edition and the limited leather edition. This book has to be…

Testing eBooks!

The proof is on it’s way from the printers. We are almost finished with the digital version of John Wesley’s The Book of Common Prayer. Here is an image of it running on Nook and Kindle. For details about this project stop by the John Wesley’s BCP page.


Finite Perspectives – 2012 Artist Story

“Artist Story” about artist, Jonathan Johnson of furocious studios™ and his 2012 exhibition of “Finite Perspectives” produced by journalist – Patrick Ross Mr. Ross did an excellent job capturing the unofficial version of the artist’s statement.

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Finite Perspectives

This is info on my exhibit book, Finite Perspectives: Over The Deep available to be purchased by the general public. @furocious on Lulu If you want a personalized copy feel free to contact me and I can arrange to have one sent to you.   This book is really best viewed in print. Some of…

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Mark 7:16 and other work

Here is the latest image that I will share of sculpture I’ve been working on for a while now. Since my last exhibit, it’s back to the secret furocious workshop. Some more regular updates may be found on the furocious FaceBook page, but some of that isn’t quite squarely related to “Art” such as drone…

Work in Progress

More work is slowly being put up on the furocious Facebook page in the Work in Progress album.