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CaptainCaptain Synopsis: The first Episode of Captain T. Furocious. This is thee earliest comic concerning all things Furocious. It originally came from a comic strip done during my initial art work series back in 1987 entitled “The Furocious Chipmunk Series.” It was redone in the 90s as seen here. There are also several “Lost Episodes” that remained tucked away in my files.

cities in the sky Cities in the Sky Synopsis: This episode originally was written as a story board for a short film I was planning for one of my broadcast communications courses in college.


TaaronTaaron Synopsis: This is a web comic released in 2008. It originally comes from two comics that I did back in the late 80s published by a little obscure independent publisher J.J.’s Mini Comix. Some of the comic was redrawn digitally though never released. Most of the story would not be PC because of its satire…but that is now quite appropriate in all FUROCIOUSness.

The first comic was “Aaron The Wanderer”. My best friend Aaron’s favorite comic book character was Groo by Sergio Aragonés so the story in the first book took Aaron on a Groo style campaign. The second comic book was “Aaron of Tajon goes Hiking”. This book departed from Groo style antics and became a satire of my best friend Aaron, my cousin Steve and of me on our many adventures in the wild outdoors.

The new comic was going to be titled “The Adventures of Aaron” But then in the 90s a local comic book artist by the name of Aaron Warner published under that name with well know publisher Image comics. So I picked a similar name from one of my lesser comic book characters Taron. It didn’t seem quite good enough so I melded the name using the title Aaron of Tajon to come up with Taaron. That has a much more medieval barbaric sound to it any way.