What is furocious studios™ really about?

It is the production studio of artist Jonathan H. Johnson.

What is it’s main purpose? furocious studios™ is an attempt for Pastor Jonathan to have a “Tent Making” business after the example of the Apostle Paul in Acts 18:1-4. That is the primary reason for his recent publishing project, John Wesley’s Prayer Collection, he wished to publish these books as a means to support his family and lessen the financial burden on the small churches that support the ministry. He also wanted to do so by making a meaningful contribution to Christendom.

How did the publication project start?

As part of his pastoral studies he began to explore prayers and liturgy to enrich his practices during services. Pastor Jonathan has a natural affinity for John and Charles Wesley because of his church background. He was naturally drawn to discover the practices of the Wesleys. In doing an exhaustive comparative study between the BCP and Wesley’s version he set out to transcribe Wesley’s work to make the job easier. About a week into the study he saw the potential of publishing the work.

He began to recognize a vacancy in modern worship. Realizing that many independent churches no longer have a book of discipline, hymnbook, prayerbook, etc he developed a strong burden to make John Wesley’s classic resources available to the modern church. John Wesley’s Methodist version of the Book of Common Prayer (in it’s full form) has been out of print for 200 years and lost to the public. It is not included in the main collections of John Wesley’s Works. And so, Pastor Jonathan set out to remedy the situation.

To contribute toward the work here the paypal email for transactions is thepapa [at] ourmiracleboy [dot] net or go here