Pastors Jonathan & Carri Johnson

Jonathan H. Johnson serves in lay ministry at Baker Street Wesleyan Church in Wisconsin Rapids WI along with lay Pastor Carri Johnson. He served as an Elder in Pastoral Ministry at Our Father’s House Christian Community Church in Chili WI 2016-2019 under instruction with founding Pastor Ronald Johnson. In 2015 he received his Certificate of License and Ordination from Our Father’s House. In 2014 he received a Certificate in Christian Apologetics through Biola University in La Mirada California. In 2012 he received his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Christian liberal arts school, Asbury University, in Wilmore Kentucky. He was raised and was a full member in the United Methodist Church; in later years he joined the Wesleyan Church and served there for 12 years. He is a lifetime aficionado of John and Charles Wesley and took course credit in Wesleyan doctrine. In college he found inspiration from early revivals and the Holiness Movement sparked by the Wesleys and Sir Francis Asbury. In his time of service in the ministry he has rekindled his appreciation for John Wesley in his study of Wesleyan sermons, liturgy and hymnology.

Pastor Carri is currently a lay pastor at Baker Street Wesleyan Church in Wisconsin Rapids WI. She received consecration as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 2015 from Our Father’s House in Chili WI and served in ministry there from 2016-2019. In 2015 she was consecrated and received a Master of Arts in Ministry – Children, Youth, and Family from Wesley Seminary (Indiana Wesleyan University) Marion, IN. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Music in 2013 from Asbury University, in Wilmore Kentucky. She has spent her life in service, ministering where God has planted her. She grew up having strong roots in Wesleyan doctrine with her hands to the plow in The Salvation Army.

Both Jonathan and Carri are experienced public speakers. Much of Jonathan’s experience comes from service to the community: when he held the position as Volunteer Coordinator for the Salvation Army Corps of Battle Creek Michigan.

They both regularly teach the Bible and speak. Below are examples from when messages were recorded.


“Being One” – Carri – At Baker Street Wesleyan Church, Wisconsin Rapids WI – January 24, 2021

“Covenant – God’s Plan for Unity – Part 1” – Jonathan – At Our Father’s House Christian Community Church, Chili Wisconsin – June 24, 2018

“Known by God” – Jonathan – At Our Father’s House Christian Community Church, Chili Wisconsin
[ 5-27-2018   Matthew 7:21-23 ]

“Focus on Jesus” – Jonathan & Carri – At Our Father’s House Christian Community Church, Chili Wisconsin

Body-[ 11-12-17  1 Corinthians 6:20 ]
Soul-[ 11-19-2017  Philippians 4:8-9 ]
Spirit-[ 11-26-2017  1 Thessalonians  5:23 ]


“One Anothering” – Jonathan & Carri – At Our Father’s House Christian Community Church, Chili Wisconsin
[ 10-22-2017 John 13:34-35 ]

“Heart’s Desire” – Carri – At Our Father’s House Christian Community Church, Chili Wisconsin
[ 9-10-2017 Psalm 37:4-7a ]

“United in Christ” – Jonathan & Carri – At Our Father’s House Christian Community Church, Chili Wisconsin
[ 7-9-2017 Ephesians 5:17-33 ]

“Hungry for the Cross”Jonathan – At Our Father’s House Christian Community Church, Chili Wisconsin
[ 6-25-2017 Matthew 6:33, 1 Corinthians 2:2 ]

“Carri’s Testimony” – Carri – At Our Father’s House Christian Community Church, Chili Wisconsin
[ 3-26-2017 ]

“What is your testimony?”Jonathan – At Our Father’s House Christian Community Church, Chili Wisconsin
9-11-2016  1 Peter 3:15 ] [ Corresponding Pictures ]

“What is it to Have the Mind of Christ?”Jonathan – At Our Father’s House Christian Community Church, Chili Wisconsin
1-17-2016   Romans 6:23 ]

“Treasures in Heaven”Jonathan – At Han Mee Korean American Church, Battle Creek Michigan
10-19-2014 Matthew 6:19-21 ]

Pastor Jonathan’s Personal Statement:


Bilingual Service at Han Mee Korean American Church

Our living savior has granted me the privilege to serve as His hands and feet to the lost, and broken, in whatever community He has rooted me.

My number one concern is to personally know Jesus Christ and develop my relationship with Him as the source of all my life’s ambition. Without Him, none of us are of any use, and are in desperate circumstances. God desires holiness, without which none will see Him. “Christ in you” is the essence of the Gospel message. The “salvation message” is incomplete without a vital relationship with God in all aspects of life.

I surrender each day, I walk on to maturity only by the power of the Holy Spirit. This is my purpose and hope for all those I encounter. If you are to walk with me then you must face this challenge.

I am convinced that the only hope for us and our country is that we fall on our faces before Almighty God, fast, pray, repent, and intercede for our world. We desperately need God’s revival in our time!


Marriage Ministry:

We are committed to discipling and building marriages in a world where the family has been torn down. God wants the family and the godly relationships of His body to stand strong as the example of His love reaching into the communities around us.


Singleness is a valid vitally integral part of God’s work. While family is important and ordained by God, Married isn’t the end-all be-all and should not have a higher status in the church. We need to stop holding up Marriage and Family as an idol. We need to stop holding up Married-Sex as an idol. Abstinence is powerful and fulfilling for singles honoring God.

Youth and Young Adults:

I have a burden for our Youth and Young Adults because they are the church of today, as with the rest of the church body, they need to be discipled as followers of Christ and brought up as leaders in the community. My challenge is to equip every believer to meet the challenge of 1 Peter 3:15 and prepare them to give an answer of the hope God has placed in them…not to be satisfied in blind faith, but to also understand the substance and reason of our faith.

Sexual Discipleship:

Our culture stands abused and broken in our identity and the understanding of our sexuality. We were created by God in the image of God and were intended to find our identity in a relationship with Him. We have idolized sexuality and through cultural influence have become objectified and over-sexualized. We need to relearn proper boundaries, accountability, and intimacy throughout all levels of our being. This should be accomplished with a Christian worldview and grace-based recovery.